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SEO Strategist at Miles. Destination Marketer. Internet sleuth. #hotel and #DestinationMarketing.

Broomfield, CO.

Hi, I'm Justin, and I'm completely addicted to the internet. I think I might need help. And sleep.

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Let's Build Your...
Digital Marketing Plan

Your company's digital marketing strategy should align with your business goals. And because every business is different, your marketing plan should be uniqe to you.

First, we'll need to...

Target Your Audience

It wouldn't make much sense to show an ad for a law office to an 8-year old.

Likewise, it wouldn't make much sense to send ads to a person in Austin for home improvement services in Denver.

The point is,..

all that irrelevant advertising costs money.

And for business both large an small, wasted ad budgets are a huge problem.

That's why targeting the right audience from the beginning is so important.

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Once we start sending qualified visitors to your website, we'll need to...

Analyze Your Traffic

A website that gets used improperly is about as useful as this silverware.

Sure, it's fun to look at, but what good does it do?

What value does it provide?

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A well executed analytics configuration can help your company to understand exactly what you're visitors are doing on your website.

And understanding visitor behavior is key too...

Converting Your Users

Whether it's direct purchases, form submissions, or partner referalls, generating conversions remains the primary goal for most websites.

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Grow Your Traffic

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