Eagle's Nest Wilderness Area

Last weekend (8/1/15 - 8/4/15) I, along with my two brother and my father, went backpacking in the Eagle's Nest wilderness area, located in White River National Forest.

I notoriously over-pack for trips like this, and this one was no exception. I mean, who needs a 5lb didgeridoo in the backcountry? And who bring a pillow? This guy, apparently... Without food or water, my pack weighed in at a cool 45lbs. With food, water, and some of my dads gear (which I ended up taking), my final weight ended up being ~70lbs, putting my bag well over 1/3 of my bodyweight, the suggested limit.

Annual Gibbs & Sons backpacking trip at Eagles Nest wilderness area

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I've been backpacking every year since I was 7 putting this trip at my 21st year of backpacking.

Brandon, my youngest brother, caught 130 fish on this trip bringing our group total to 200 for the weekend. One of our most successful fishing trip ever.

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Back to the trip.

Eagles Nest wilderness area is chalk full of lakes all packed with fish. Like I said, we caught 200 amongst the 4 of us. The three most notable lakes were, Surprise Lake, Cat Lake, and Upper Cataract Lake. We spent our first night at Surprise Like, which to my surprise, ended up having a ton of other campers. This was a little disappointing but the old man was struggling so we didn't think he'd be able to make the hike to Cat Lake the first day.

The next day we hiked over to Cat lake and spent the afternoon fishing, lounging around, taking photos, etc...

Our last full day was spent up at Upper Cataract. Ryan and I attempted to climb up to Cliff lake, while dad and Brandon spent the day fishing. Cliff Lake, which was on the other side of a 13'000ft ridge, lived up to it's name by literally being on the other side of a large cliff. Unfortunately we were unable to make it due to our lack of mountaineering/climbing gear. I should have picked an easier route but from a distance it looked doable. I was wrong. No worries though, we still got a rad hike in and a great view of the lake and valley below.

Upper Cataract lake is the quintessential high alpine lake. Tons of fish, steep mountains jetting out from 3/4 sides, and very little people. Truly a sight to be seen.