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This is your destination on AI: Project Brief
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This is your destination on AI: Project Brief

My day job is providing SEO and Analytics support to Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) on behalf of Miles Partnership. As part of my job I travel across the country and speak about a variety of topics, which recently has trended towards AI and its use in marketing in the future. As part of that I thought it would be a fun project to start "This is your destination on AI" as a way to demonstrate what I'm able to very quickly produce using a variety of of AI tools. While I'm generally using ChatGPT4 and Midjourney, I will also layering in other LLMs such as Claude, in order to gain experience in a variety of tools, and also evaluate them for my clients. As such each article will have a slightly different tone and approach to the content. The idea is to see what AI can produce and if that content is up to spec with the real destination content on each respective DMO site. Some of the images are chosen because I though they were a great representation of the attraction, others for their humor. I do not denote which is which.

Below are the destinations that I've completed content for. This is a 'living' list and will be updated as I continue to add more content.

  • Maryland (Chat GPT and MidJourney)
  • San Diego, CA ( and MidJourney)

Again, this content is 100% generated by AI and in no way reflects my personal opinion or knowledge of each destination. I take no responsibility for inaccurate information. This content should not be used for travel planning and instead should be used by Destination Marketers to get ideas on how to adopt AI as part of their workflow.

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